The first two and a half decades in the Natural Gas Industry was spent on the corrosion side providing gas utilities and gas transmission companies with mainline pipe line corrosion coatings, weight coatings and field joint coatings along with cathodic protection services.


This provided the opportunity to travel throughout the US (including Alaska) and the Middle East working on a myriad of challenging job sites in all types of environments and weather conditions.

The last decade and a half was spent on the distribution side in the North East US providing natural gas utilities with field joint coatings for the steel pipe lines and Excess Flow Valves (EFV’s) for their distribution service lines.


Both career paths provided the opportunity to introduce new products and concepts into the Natural Gas Industry along with the assistance and training necessary to make them successful. A new adventure has begun with the introduction of GUS (Gas Utility Supply), which will continue to provide new products and services to the Natural Gas Industry.